Beginner Tips

Celebrating our Centennial Anniversary, Shimano will reach its 100th year this March.

Take a look at a few milestones in Shimano’s history.

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After a long ride, it may be tempting to chuck your bike aside until the next ride; we assure you that a clean bike is more efficient and enjoyable.

Here’s how to clean your bike in 4 steps!

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If you are new to cycling and are wondering what are the necessary items to bring along with you for your adventure?!

No worries! Here, we have came out with 6 things that you should consider bringing for your rides.

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Shimano’s clipless pedals have been widely seen across cyclists of various disciplines. Clipless pedals are great for increasing your pedalling efficiency as they securely hold your feet to the pedals better than a flat pedal.

So what’s the difference between SPD and SPD-SL? In today’s article, we will discuss the difference and advantages.

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Whether you’re cycling on the road, trails or Park Connectors, head protection is of paramount importance. A good helmet will protect your head in light of a crash, so you should always strive to invest in the best helmet possible!

With the wide arrays of helmets available, we’ve made sure to comprise helmets of all budgets.

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